Dear Church Family,

Over 15 years ago, God led Tracey and I to come to Craig, Colorado to establish New Creation Church (NCC). When we came, Brooke was only two and a half years old and Tracey was pregnant with Rachael. We were confident of His plans to build a local church that would be strong in both the Word and the Spirit of God. Since that time, we have seen NCC grow and God’s plan for us continue to unfold and be revealed. We consider it a great privilege to serve God as pastors of NCC and to run forward boldly in His service to see His vision accomplished in and through all of us.

NCC is a local church with a world vision. We believe that the true measure of the influence and effectiveness of a church is not it’s seating capacity, but rather it’s sending capacity. Jesus said that the gospel of the kingdom would preached into all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end would come. We believe that God the Father is waiting for the precious fruit from all over the earth to come in and fill up heaven before He sends Jesus back to the earth. This fruit comes forth as the Church accomplishes her responsibility of preaching the gospel to every creature.

We believe that God is assembling a strong and highly trained team of believers here at NCC. Not one of us starts out that way, but it is not out of reach of anyone either. We believe that God is stirring the Church and equipping her for the final battle and final harvest at the end of this age. There is a call going out in the Spirit that is drawing many believers to assemble together in these days for the high purposes of God.

We believe that you are called to be a part of His plans in this generation! We believe that God is drawing us and joining our hearts together as family. As you commit to God’s calling, we believe He will fit you perfectly in place here at NCC so that your gifts and anointing will strengthen the body and cause her to arise to be a powerful revelation of Jesus Christ on the earth in this day. Every single one of us is important and necessary in God’s end time plan. There are no big I’s and little u’s in Christ. You may not think you have anything to offer, but I believe that as you begin to see yourself as God does through Christ, you will begin to recognize the DNA of Christ is in your spirit by the power of His Spirit within you. When you begin to act boldly upon that inner grace, great things come forth and are built on earth.

We would love it if you would prayerfully consider committing to be a part of His plan here at NCC! We know that you and the church will be richly blessed as you do.

For His Glory,

Pastors Jason and Tracey Haskell