We want you to feel comfortable being with us. In the event that some aspects of our service may be new to you, we share the following information in order to increase your understanding concerning things that may take place during the service. Should you have further questions, please call the office or catch us after the service, we would be more than happy to talk to you!

Raising of Hands: Many members of our congregation lift their hands in praise, worship and surrender to God. (1 Timothy 2:8, Psalm 134:2)

Speaking in Tongues: In Acts 2:4, 10:46 & 19:6, believers in the early church spoke with other tongues as evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In 1 Corinthians 14:39, the Apostle Paul instructs the church to “forbid not to speak with tongues”.

Laying on of Hands: In Hebrews 6:2, the laying on of hands is listed as a doctrine of the New Testament Church.Jesus said those who believed in Him would lay hands on the sick and they would recover (Mark 16:18), the baptism of the Holy Spirit was transmitted through the laying on of hands in Acts 8:17, and hands were laid upon believers to separate them to the ministry (Acts 13:2,3). Hands may be laid on cloths to be taken to the sick (Acts 19:11, 12), and may also be laid on individuals who come forward to receive ministry and/or impartations from the Holy Spirit.

Manifestations of the Spirit: We believe that the Holy Spirit desires to manifest Himself to and through Christians in various ways. Some of these are listed in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14; including prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and tongues and interpretations of tongues-utterance given by the Holy Spirit to minister to those in the congregation either individually or corporately. Other manifestations of the Holy Spirit may include “falling under His power” when hands are laid on individuals, Holy Ghost laughter, dancing or miming.